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Carbonite, Wow-Pro, and the quest database

I've been using Carbonite a long time. I've been using Wow-Pro (a questing/leveling guide addon) for less time, but at least a couple of years. Wow-Pro originally required Tom-Tom, but at the request of many, support for Carbonite was added. It worked fine for some time, but sometime during Cataclysm (I think) I started having a problem. Specifically, Wow-Pro would suggest I need to go talk to a quest giver, and Carbonite would send me halfway across the world when the quest-giver is right nearby, in the same area I'm already in. I suspect this is a problem with Carbonite's quest information database, or its parsing of the information Wow-Pro is sending it. If I disable Carbonite, and enable Tom-Tom, I getting pointed to the right place. Is there a fix available for this, or is my choice to either live with it or abandon Carbonite? Or is it something the Wow-Pro devs might be able to fix?

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