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1.12.1 *PTR* patch notes

World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.12.1
World PvP

* Players will no longer lose the Silithus or Eastern Plaguelands PvP buffs after dying in the zone.
* Players will now port to the Crown Guard Tower graveyard if they die in Fungal Vale while their faction controls the tower.
* Players will no longer be interrupted while sitting down in Eastern Plaguelands when contested towers change ownership.
* Players will no longer be interrupted while sitting down in Silithus when a side collects 200 Silithyst and wins the event.
* In the Silithus World PVP event, the dust cloud graphic that appears on a flag carrier will now properly trail behind the character while running.
* Players will no longer receive honor if a tower in Eastern Plaguelands is captured while they are stealthed.
* Lordaeron's Blessing buff from Eastern Plaguelands is no longer dispellable.


* Players that log out of the game and back while having a pet summoned will now be properly credited a Soul Shard.


* Canceling Bloodrage while in PvP or dueling will no longer remove you from combat.


* Most enchantments on items are no longer counted against the maximum limit of effects a player can have on them, so it should be much harder for a player to exceed their max limit on effects and have one be removed involuntarily.
* Fixed a graphical error with the Dreadnaught Helmet.
* Fixed an issue in which the "Blessing of the Claw"from the 6 piece Dreamwalker set was causing players to stand up after trying to eat or drink.
* Fixed an issue where multiple armor set bonuses were not applying correctly when switching out pieces.
* Fixed an issue where the four-piece Plagueheart set was not properly applying to corruption.
* The Blade of Eternal Darkness will now only proc when damage is done.


* Players will now be able to complete the quest,"Target: Hive'Ashi Sandstalkers".
* Fixed an issue where players could be afflicted by "Withering Touch" more than once at a time.
* The Plaguewood teleporter will now teleport players to the correct location within Naxxramas.
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