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Bug: Display of Fishing/Herb/Mining nodes


Was the display of the Fishing/Herb/Mining nodes on the WOW Minimap supposed to change? On WOW without Carbonite, it was a single solid yellow dot. On the 3.34 version of Carbonite, it was a blinking yellow dot. Now, with version 4Beta, it's some odd colored dot surrounded with like a U.

Is it possible to put it back to a blinking yellow dot?

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Apparently there is a temporary issue with blinking dots:

Originally Posted by carboniteaddon View Post

Fixed all errors I could find, so we are doing an hour of testing and then release if no nasty problems are found.

Map detail graphics when you zoom in are missing. Will wait after the 4.0001 beta to fix since the data tables are big. Lots of find/copy/paste.

Minimap glowing nodes enabled distorts the minimap icons
. Fixing art later.
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Go into Carbonite Options->Map Minimap and set Minimap herb/ore dot glow delay to 0
That makes it so that exclamations for quest givers and dots for herbs/ore show up static as they would on the Blizz minimap.
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More info here:

WoWInterface » Featured Projects » Carbonite » Carbonite Archive » Bug: Display of Fishing/Herb/Mining nodes

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