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wow Classic World Buff Timers

I would like an addon that keeps track of the world buffs. Like ony/nef head, warcheif blessing etc. As of right now i ask other players in /world if anyone has the time but that is really unreliable. When a player uses the buff there is a 8h cooldown before it can be used again. So if you know when it was last used you know when its possible to cast the buff again.

I cant write code so i cant do this myself and i dont know if this is even possible. But i thought a bit about it and maybe it could work a bit like this.

1. You have bot character standing in Orgrimmar and Stormwind.
2. You have the addon that constantly looks in the combat log of these bots.
3. If a "recived world buff statement" appears in the combat log then it sends data with a timestamp to a database server.
4. With addon you can query that database with an ingame command like /worldbuff rally cry of dragonslayer. and it will give you back a timestamp of when it was last used.

When enough players have installed addon they will feed the database with buff data and the bots are no longer nessecary. Also we have to have separate databases for every server since the time is different.
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There are a few problems.

Players auto-AFK and are automatically logged out if inactive long enough. Using a bot to bypass this is against ToS.

Even though there is an 8-hour cooldown, the buff is always triggered by a player. There is no set schedule, so you will always have to have someone see the previous round happen in order to predict when it can happen again.

I hear the realm discord servers have people announcing and even planning ahead for when they set off a buff.
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