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rawMouseEnable question

What exactly it do? There is also 3 related CVars and those are unclear either
Acceleration enable for example. How much acceleration we are talking about. And is there acceleration with rawMouseEnable 0?
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Raw mouse bypasses any OS or driver customizations and reads mouse movement directly from the hardware input. The other options are basic versions of what the OS or driver customizations would provide. Windows provides the acceleration and rate parts, while other drivers like Logitech for its mice, can provide resolution changes.

Acceleration: Speeds up the mouse the longer it's moving, reset when it stops.

Rate: Speed of mouse movement in milliseconds of how long it takes for the game to read the mouse position.

Resolution: Imagine the mouse movement in an invisible screen overlay. Increasing this value "zooms out" this overlay. The result is effectively a slower but more accurate mouse. This setting is very popular in shooting games, especially with mice that have a special button to switch between a normal setting and a sniper setting.
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Raw mouse input is an option for how mouselook behaves. It has no effect on cursor mode. As mentioned previously, it allows you to configure mouse settings independent of your OS configuration. However, the explanations on some settings isn't exactly accurate.

Mouse resolution is the base cursor speed. Usually measured in DPI, this is how many pixels the cursor moves for every inch of mouse movement.

Mouse acceleration is a modification to the cursor speed based on how fast you move the mouse. Slow movements allow precise control while fast movements cover more distance. Most people turn this off in games because it makes mouse movements more unpredictable.

Mouse rate is basically the mouse's polling rate measured in Hz. Because of how USB devices work, the mouse doesn't stream data constantly to the computer. Instead, the computer has to ask the mouse what its status is and it checks 100 times per second by default. This comes out to a 10ms response time at worst. Depending on your mouse hardware and drivers, this can be adjusted into the thousands of hertz, which would result in sub-1ms response time.
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