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Debug mode / Addon Action Tracker

Is there a debug mode or an addon action tracker?

I say this because one of my addons is making my DK equip a specific item set when I change specs and only that character is doing it. Checking which addon is doing it would help me configure the same stuff to other toons without having to add more addons to the ones I'm already using.

On the same page, I installed EventTracker to see which events are triggered when one goes to check quest details or the group finder pops up, but the addon only tracks chat messages events for me. Is there a more reliable one?
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Do you use any addons that have anything to do with your DK that may have something to do with equipment changing? I'd start looking there.

ALSO, EventTracker must be told which events to watch for (if I read the information page correctly, which may not have happened).
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I use EventTracker. As jeffy162 stated, you need to tell it what events to track. The three basic options are chat commands for a specific event, chat command to register ALL events, or manually editing the events file in the EventTracker addon folder.

What I have done was paste a complete list of events into the events file and just comment out everything I don't want to track. That way I can simply change around comments when needed instead of pasting/deleting events.

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