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Old quests auto-track on login

I apologize if that was discussed before - I tried to search and found some posts that may have talked about similar behavior, but I didn't understand the solution.

I keep some old quests and some unfinished quests in my quest log. Mainly the Northrend Murloc quest where you get that awesome suit disguise that does the Michael Jackson dance moves when you /dance. But I digress.

When I log in, it can happen that some random quests pop up as "tracked" on my quest log tracker. I un-track them, and they usually stay non-tracked for the rest of the day, but a day or two later when I log in again, they're back. Tracked. Which I don't like.

What am I missing? Which setting do I need to adjust to keep untracked quests untracked? Sometimes all my quests in the log show back up as tracked, sometimes what seems to be just one zone (timeless isle quests) plus the murloc quest, sometimes only that murloc quest.

I'd say there's a setting that I don't understand - which is quite likely, as IMO, some of the old carbonite "explanations" are a tad cryptic

Thanks for your help!

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