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A Murloc Raider
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Carbonite Causing Extreme Spam

The addon spam created by Carbonite is getting insane. Most of the spam is coming from the guild channel. I monitored the messages sent by my addons with Spamalyzer. After about an hour, Carbonite had sent about a thousand times more data over the guild channel than the next highest addon, Gearscore.

The spam gets especially bad during raids.
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A Molten Giant
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Carbonite continually broadcasts things such as levelups, punk detections, positions, and quest status to people in your party, guild, and zone. Most, if not all, of these can be disabled in the options.
07-22-10, 09:02 PM   #3
A Murloc Raider
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Well, I assume most of the spam is from me RECEIVING those things from other Carbonite users in guild. There is no option to stop receiving these things, only to stop sending them, which I've done anyhow.

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