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A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Determine active essences

Is there a way to find out the currently active essences on the necklace?
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I haven't played with the new changes to the Azerite system yet for nUI but the old way is still working for me so I haven't needed to expand further yet.

But .. I saw this and there are some potential items to look into.

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05-16-20, 01:23 AM   #3
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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OK thanks for the pointers. The following code stores your equipped essences, in case anyone wants to know.

  local essences = C_AzeriteEssence.GetEssences();
  BA_Data["function LogTextLine"](string.format("**** essences ****"));
  for _, ve in pairs(essences) do
    local eid = ve["ID"];
    local name = ve["name"];
    local rank = ve["rank"];
    local unlocked = ve["unlocked"];
    local valid = ve["valid"];
    local icon = ve["icon"];
    -- BA_Data["function LogTextLine"](string.format("essence id: %d - name: %s - rank: %d - unl: %s - valid: %s ",eid,name,rank,tostring(unlocked),tostring(valid)));
  local wornEssences = { };
  local milestones = C_AzeriteEssence.GetMilestones();
  for _, vm in pairs(milestones) do
    local mid = vm["ID"];
    local slot = vm["slot"];
    if ( slot ) then 
      local essenceID = C_AzeriteEssence.GetMilestoneEssence(mid);
      for _, ve in pairs(essences) do
        local eid = ve["ID"];
        if ( eid == essenceID ) then
          wornEssences[#wornEssences+1] = { essenceID, ve["name"], ve["rank"], slot };
 for _, we in pairs(wornEssences) do
    BA_Data["function LogTextLine"](string.format("essence id: %d - [%s] - rank: %d - slot: %d",we[1],we[2],we[3],we[4]));
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