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Question Tutorial questions

was going through the tutorial and i mimicked everything exactly and had it work.

the frame showed up, the label appeared, the button appeared as well as closed the frame.

my problem is im very new to modding entirely, ive messed with a couple of mods here an there, but learned very little, not enuf to truly write my own.

im wanting to make a mod for my guild, its to do the following:

select Raid
select individual bosses
manually input raid members
save the information that is inputed on a per raid/boss basis
mark that the boss was killed (check box)
mark the instance was cleared (check box)
if possible save the information to an external file (potential to do list)
report in a channel (raid, guild, whisper ect) the information that is being viewed much like the report feature in SWStats (potential to do list)
2 slash commands to bring up the window
possibly a minimap icon (potential to do list)
ability to clear the data on a Boss then Raid basis (clear boss data in the event that the raid is ended with the particular boss alive) (clear raid data in the event of Raid instance reset)

im wanting the organization to be Raid-Boss-raid members present in raid/instance for kill (granted they will be documented manually)

what im wanting to know is how do i go about entering in the information thats on the WoWwiki site? currently im unable to get the slash commands to function. right now im basing everything i do off of expanding from the tutorial project.

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ok, so ive spent the past few hours digging through various mods, and wowwiki, and i cannot manage to build a /slashcommand for the tutorial in wowuidesigner. can someone direct me as to how to make one. this is really beginning to frustrate me as i dont see how or where the information is to be applied.
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I'm not sure if I understood what you want exactly, but I'd suggest you start with Ace2 and learn from there.

www.wowace.com has a turorial section that should help you just fine.
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Contrary to what was posted earlier, I would advice against learning Ace first, and recommend learning the basics first, that is, what Blizzard supplied you. Yes, Ace can make some things easy (sometimes too easy), but it's most useful to people who know what they're doing. If you learn Ace first, you're going to end up knowing Ace, and only Ace, and that will only hurt your code. Ace can't do everything, and in some cases it can hurt you. Using it is your own prerogative, but it's vital that you understand the basics before you move on to abstraction.

The same goes for the UI designer.

In any case, if you're having trouble building a slash command handler, you're probably setting it up wrong. Why not post your code so we can take a look at it and see what's wrong. It's probably something simple, as are most annoying bugs.
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04-12-07, 03:44 PM   #5
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	     SLASH_TUTORIAL_PROJECT1 = "/tutorial";
             SLASH_TUTORIAL_PROJECT2 = "/tut"; -- A shortcut or alias
             SlashCmdList["TUTORIAL_PROJECT"] = Tutorial_Project_Command;
its the only coding ive actively got put into the files.

in regards to:
function addonname_OnLoad()
SlashCmdList["ADDONNAME"] = FunctionToCall;
SLASH_ADDONNAME1 = "/slash1";
SLASH_ADDONNAME2 = "/slash2";

i understand the statements and the setup, it goes into the .lua file, the only thing i dont understand is the "= FunctionToCall;" i havent found anything to state how that is supposed to be setup or if its to be left alone. is that supposed to be the function to load the addon or toggle frame visibility?

ive also added the following in an attempt to display a message when the mod initializes with the UI.

function TutFormEvent(arg1)
DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Tutorial Project Addon has been loaded. Type /turoial or /tut for the menu.");

the bigges thing is im not sure how to implement and where to implement the slash command list in the coding cuase it doesnt appear to be a way in the program so i went into the coding, but wowwiki doesnt seem to be real thorough on it. thanks, im sure ill have many more questions to follow hehe. very new to all this but im really wantin to figure this kinda thing out and learn it.
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04-13-07, 09:22 AM   #6
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ok slash commands now work
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