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Hello, i'm using Carbonite from wotlk, never got a problem, but now in wod it'sa really bugged.

Version i'm using is 6.0.1

Those are the problems that sometimes happens and getting me mad:

- In battleground/dungeons sometimes the player position it's always at the corner (0,0)
- Also in ou world (Draenor) sometimes the position does not update and remain fixed in one location.
- Some WoD questing points are totally wrong.
What really get me mad is that when you mouse over a zone, you can see the map details, like roads, map coords where the mouse is.. etc Sometimes when mouse overing a zone it does not update.. the old overed zone remains "selected" and i have to press M multiple times to fix.. this happen mostly with the current zone where i am.. Example.. i'm in shadowmoon valley.. i hover Talador.. and when leaving the mouse from the map or hovering again Shadowmoon.. Talador it's still selected (by selected i mean i can see the details of talador and not shadowmoon).

It's really hard for me to explain what is going on.. (also because i'm italian and have poor english knowledge) and also hard for the devs to understand and fix those issues, but i hope that will be looked into and maybe fixed.

If you need more details i will try to explain the better i can.
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