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A Defias Bandit
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Combining cooldowns and buffs

I was doing some UI experimentation and playing with cooldowns and buffs and something struck me. The game features a natural combination of abilities and buffs. For example Icy Veins or Shield Wall are abilities (with cooldowns) that have associated buffs of the same name (with timers). Most trinkets have on-use buffs that have different names from the item. Several procs have associated internal cooldowns. So there's this whole set of cooldowns that connect to this whole set of buffs. But I can't find any mod that lets me define these connections. Very few mods even attempt to handle *both* cooldowns and buffs. Generally you're using different mods for each. Power Auras seems to be one of the few that can handle both, but there's no connection between them. For example, you can set up an Icy Veins effect when it comes off cooldown, and set up a variation of that for when Icy Veins is active. But they're 2 separate effects that have no knowledge of each other, whereas it seems like a very natural thing to recognize that these are 2 connected events.

For example, I can imagine a setup where my key cooldowns display in a fixed location, counting down to when they become active, and then have some kind of *USE THIS* effect trigger, like a big pulse, then once i trigger it, have another *NOW ACTIVE* effect defined, like the cooldown bar fills back up but in a different color or something.

But currently I can't see any way to build that from existing mods, since there's no way to define the connections between an ability/item and its associated buff. I think there are a few class-specific mods that do that kind of thing, but I'm only interested in mods that let me configure them for all my classes. Any suggestions on something I might have missed?
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There is one way to make those "links": Created a huge DB. There is no API to do this.
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A Defias Bandit
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Originally Posted by nightcracker View Post
There is one way to make those "links": Created a huge DB. There is no API to do this.
Yeah there's no API. My theoretical mod would need to have a spot for you to specify "associated buff" for each new cooldown you wanted to track, and possibly have a bunch of common ones preset (e.g. like MSBT).

So has anyone made anything like this before?
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