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Another try, some good, some bad


So it's been 6+ months since I last tried Minion, and I thought I'd give it another go. Unfortunately, despite some minor improvements, it's still not usable for me. The main issues, in order of severity, are:
  • Minion still wants to "update" my Git/SVN repositories.
  • Text is still too small and low-contrast.
  • Still too many bad "update" suggestions.
  • Way too easy to uninstall an addon by accident, no confirmation, and no Recycle Bin.


Takes forever (3 full minutes according to the log). The "progress bar" is pointless since it just bounces back and forth instead of showing the actual progress of anything. Previous versions showed a running log of which addons it was scanning, not just "detecting addons". Even if it still took the same amount of time, it would be less frustrating if there was a clear indicator that things were actually happening.

UI issues:

Addons with .git and .svn (and presumably .hg) folders still not ignored. This can't take more than 30 seconds to code into the startup scan, but makes the "Auto Update" feature completely unusable for addon developers, as well as making the app require a lot more time and effort to set up.

Uninstalling an addon through Minion should have a confirmation, and should absolutely send files to the Recycle Bin instead of deleting them outright. While going through and telling it to ignore several dozen local Git repositories, I accidentally clicked "uninstall" -- which is right next to "ignore" and both are tiny -- and had to clone a new copy of the repository since that folder was just gone. Luckily it was a released addon that I hadn't touched recently, or I could have had to restore from a cloud backup, or even lost work. Obviously this will be less of an issue for normal users, but there's not even a message saying the addon was deleted. Someone could easily think they clicked "ignore" -- since either way the list will update so that the addon isn't shown in the "needs updating" section at the top -- but have clicked "uninstall" instead, and not notice until much later, like when they get into a raid and are pulling their hair out trying to figure out why a crucial addon "isn't working". After this experience I'm a little scared that I may have done this myself.

Text rendering still in mascara-blob mode. Screenshot here: http://i.imgbox.com/ivWhYxle.png I recommend downloading it and viewing it in a normal image app at actual size; if you're viewing it in a browser, make sure it's not being scaled, or it will look smoother than it really is, and IE apparently applies some kind of smoothing even at 100% zoom, so don't use that. For comparison, here's how the same font renders in my web browser on the Minion site: http://i.imgbox.com/8aVwM43Z.png

Text still too small in most places. In the above screenshot, this applies to addon titles, author names, category names, version strings, and the "sort by" dropdown label/value.

The super-low contrast is still painful. I understand theming and accessibility aren't high priorities, but would it really hurt to do something as simple as make the text brighter? In the above screenshot, addon titles in white are okay, though between the small size and bad rendering, still far from comfortable to read, but author names are unreadable at a normal viewing distance.

Text on many buttons is truncated: Upd(ate) on the Installed tab; Ba(ckup), Re(store), and Del(ete) on the Backup tab. This is visible in the screenshot.

Version strings on some addons are still truncated. Examples: "60000.26-Release" is truncated to "60000.2..." and "" is truncated to "".

The cursor still gets stuck in horizontal resize mode <==> after mousing over the right edge of the window. Moving to the left half of an addon row temporarily fixes it (changes to pointing hand) but it goes back to <==> when leaving that region. Moving out of the addon list (eg. up to the Installed / Find More tab area) permanently fixes it, at least until the cursor moves over the right edge of the window again. I can consistently reproduce this, whereas before it wasn't a 100% occurrence.

Clicking the left half of a row still pops up an info window, and this is still annoying. Clicking a row in any other program selects that row. Opening a popup window should require clicking a clearly marked button, or taking some other obvious action. Just clicking on something that doesn't resemble an action item in any way, shape, or form should never spawn a popup.

Scrolling the list of addons on the Installed tab is no longer laggy. However, when scrolling quickly through addons that are up to date, it looks like the "update a row" routine is running a little behind the main scrolling routine, since the red box that would contain the "new version" if the addon had an update is briefly visible on the last visible row while scrolling. This always happens when scrolling by dragging the scroll bar, occasionally happens when scrolling with the mouse wheel, and never happens when scrolling by clicking-and-holding or repeatedly clicking the scrollbar arrows (that doesn't scroll fast enough to make it happen).

There should be some kind of visible indication that an addon is being ignored.

Addons detected incorrectly:

"Badapples" is detected as "Cirk's Badapples - Fan Update" which hasn't been updated since 2010. I've reported that addon from its page and requested it be moved to Outdated, but I'm pretty sure I've done that before and nothing happened. Ideally it should just be deleted, but I'm really sure that won't happen.

"Combuctor" is detected, but I don't have it installed. This is probably due to the presence of the "BagBrother" folder which is a helper "addon" included in both Combuctor and Bagnon, which I do have installed. Bagnon was correctly detected. The "BagBrother" folder should be ignored, though I'm not sure what the best way to generalize this would be. Maybe ignore folders included in an addon's ZIP whose names don't contain any words that are in the addon's title?

Addons not detected at all:

Version comparison failures:
  • 6.0.13 considered newer than 6.2.4
  • v1.4.4 > v1.4.5 (common "v" prefix can be stripped before comparing)
  • v2.6.0 > v2.6.1
  • 1.33.1 > 1.35.4
  • Release 1.0.9 > Release 1.2.0 (strip common "Release" prefix/suffix)
  • 1.33.1 > 1.35.4
  • 073 > 074PR1 (maybe use basic alphanumeric sort if it contains mixed letters and numbers in no common pattern)
  • v1.2.0 > v1.4.4
  • 1.0 > v1.1.1 (strip "v" prefix before comparing)
  • 6.0.4 > 6.2
  • v3.5.0 > 3.5.4 (strip "v" prefix before comparing)
  • 5.0-Release > 6.2-Release (strip "-Release" suffix)
  • v1.4.2 > v1.5.2b
  • 3.1.4 > v3.1.5-10-g6a13466 (strip "v" prefix, strip git hash suffix, treat as "" - seems complicated but is the pattern used for alpha versions by the Curse packager for addons in git repositories, and isn't configurable)
  • 101016 > 150722
Basic ABC sort would also address OPie's ridiculous "hurricane style" versioning scheme (eg. Lime 6 vs Tomato 3) but it's probably not worth considering that since it's only one addon and its author doesn't upload new versions to WoWI anymore anyway.

There are some more, but I didn't bother listing the impossible ones, like comparing release versions with alpha revisions/hashes.
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