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Filler Music for Machinima?

I'm not the next Cranius or Oxhorn, but I'm working on some machinima in my spare time.

The main problem is that I don't know where I can find decent background music. When a scene requires a focus on the music, I can usually find one that will fit.
But for the "regular" scenes (i.e.- the ones that don;t have an overabundance of sound, but would be missing something without something in the background), I'm at a loss as to where I can acquire compositions.

I have no qualms about asking for permission and I always give credit where credit is due;

Any help on where to start?

EDIT: the links in my sig do NOT go to any of my machinima efforts.
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Indie bands usually have good filler music, but it depends on what sort of movie/music you want to incorporate. Black Kids and Bloc Party are two that seem to offer some good music that fits all right in the background.
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