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Death logging addon?

Looking for a combat log style addon that I can tie to a chat tab, but instead of the options that blizzard gives us for everything, just what I do, or just what happens to me, I'd like to be able to customize what I see.

Mainly I'm looking for something that can filter through everything and only show me the text for who killed who and with what ability.

Mainly this would be an easier way to find out who is dieing to what in raid encounters so we can help teach other how to survive better on the next run.
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I don't know about combat log style addons... but what I use for this purpose is Recount, which a lot of raiders already have installed anyways.

You go to the display for "Deaths", and then click on the bar in recount that shows a number for how many times a specific person has died, e.g., your tank. That brings up a window showing all the combat log events that affected the target, for good or for bad, within the last 5-10 seconds before dying. You can see exactly who hit him, for how much damage, who was healing him, for how much, etc. You can even hit "Show Graph" to see a visual representation to help you understand what you're seeing.

Good luck!
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There's Acheron.
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An alternative to the above nice suggestions if you prefer
a combatlog addon is Saeris SuperCombatLogConfig.

It hasn't been updated very recently but then again the combatlog
has seen only minor changes since 2.4 and none regarding deaths
that I remember about, so give it a try.
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Thanks for the help guys.
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Acheron was mentioned, but another good one is Obituary. They're quite different in their output and usage, but both great addons.

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