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Version 5.041 do not work at me. no quest tracker, i don't can open tha map (same as the original map) and the questlog is the original blizzard questlog.There is too no welcome logo of carbonite and the only i can see, that carbonite is acitivated is, that the little carbonite symbol is shown at the minimap. it seems, that carbonite is not activated, but it is! anyone else with this probz? German WoW Client
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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
If I may ask, where, exactly, did you get this "new version of Carbonite" from?

The ONLY official Carbonite downloads are on "carboniteaddon.com", "wowinterface.com", and "curse.com", and if you choose to download from "carboniteaddon.com", it does an automatic redirect to the Carbonite download/information page on "wowinterface.com".

ALL of those sites list Carbonite 4.301, released on May 6, 2012, as the latest version of Carbonite available.

Fortunately for us (the people that use Carbonite), though, Rythal (a Carbonite user) has been giving his time and energy to do a "fan update" of Carbonite until (or maybe "if") the Carbonite devs can get an "official" update out. Thanks, Rythal, you are helping make WoW more enjoyable (read: easier (at least for me)) to play.

So, TL;DR: If you installed Carbonite from any of the listed sites, you didn't get an update- just the Carbonite you already had installed. The only update is in a thread on the Carbonite forums and it's by a fan named Rythal.
It's up on the carboniteaddon.com download page but it is worthless. I have Rythal's fan update and it works almost flawlessly. LTR. I was complimenting our friend here.
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The 'new' version of Carbonite is crap. Someone please PM me with a location where I can get Rythal's version again. This is already driving me crazy.
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the new version stinks

version 5.0.4 doesn't work for me i have no mop but stil cant get it to work
plz post link to rythals working version
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Flashing stuff

Firstly, i would like to thank you for updating Carbonite!

Personally, i hadnt used it much previously, but when i did, i found the features amazingly useful, however - i would like to report a problem that im having, not sure if its something i did wrong however but ---

When i hover my mouse over the small map window (i have it undocked with my minimap, and the small map is seperate) all the icons (like instance portal icons, party member dots etc, etc) flash, they keep vanishing and reappearing rapidly, the same happens on the big map (m for world map) which Carbonite replaces.

Heres what i did to install:
Firstly i downloaded the Zip folder from the website you linked, i then downloaded Carbonite from Carboniteaddon.com and installed it like a normal addon, i then extracted the Zip folder you placed for download, and moved the 3 files from there into the carbonite folder, overwriting Carbonite.toc, Carbonite.lua and Localization.lua

I assume what i did to install was correct?

Thank you again, keep up the amazing work!

Edit: Also thought it might be important that, when i zoom out a little the map almost vanishes completely, i cant see adjacent zones screenshots below.

While looking at Nagrand, stood in Shattrah - Zangarmarsh has vanished (but its fine when i zoomed in closer) Link: http://imgur.com/VoBQA

Zoomed into Zangarmarsh/Nagrand Border, at this point the entire map started flashing, (coordinate plate in top right of carbonite map), however - flashing stuff is nigh-impossible to show in a still screenshot! Link: http://imgur.com/XMeiw

View from Shattrath, while zoomed out enough to see the adjacent zones, but not show the world map overlay, again at this point icons etc were flashing like crazy! Link: http://imgur.com/cNziI

View from Shattrath, zoomed out a little more to show the world map overlay, again the icons started flashing, and hellfire vanished completely from the map, but if i was to mouse-over were it is supposed to be, both terokkar and Nagrand would vanish, and the map would flash like crazy aswell Link: http://imgur.com/mtcuB

Any help would be massively appreciated!

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