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Exclamation TOS & EULA Regarding File Mods

Would you people actually read the bible you quote so often?

Originally Posted by EULA
Malicious UI Modifications
We definitely want people to create their own UIs utilizing custom menu configurations, graphics, and even sounds. Anything that can be coded to modify the style and the look of the UI is fair game, as long as the modifications are done to the sanctioned internal files of the game. However, anything done to the UI to gain any sort of an unfair advantage over other players is unacceptable.

If a player is found to have modified a UI so that they gain an unfair advantage in the game over others, he/she may:

Be temporarily suspended from the game
Have further action taken, up to and including account closure, based on the intent of the modification
It's ok to modify files, such as your mount skin, as long as this does not give you an unfair advantage over other players. Any purely aethetic change is ok.

"Blue" has even posted on this in a very similiar matter, regarding the hunter epics which are often skinned.
It's coming.

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