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Addons to see my DoTs

Hello! I am looking for a addon to see only my buffs, debuff, DoTs etc. on my target. Thank you!
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For tracking your DoTs on multiple targets you can check:


or if you wish to see them on enemy healthplates you can alternatively check:

Tidy Plates


or if you wish to keep Blizzard Healthplates but just want debuffs on target healthplates you can check:

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I use Tell Me When. It will allow you to watch dots, Tell you when CD's are up etc. I like it alot more than other mods that I have used. http://www.wowinterface.com/download...ellMeWhen.html

I dont like addons that effect things on the game world, like name plates. It takes up too much of the game space and using name plates effects your targeting ability with the mouse.
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Originally Posted by Maeve89 View Post
Hello! I am looking for a addon to see only my buffs, debuff, DoTs etc. on my target. Thank you!
PolMonitor is an add-on where you can re-create a hot-bar type display, but instead of having them show nothing, you can configure them to show dot timers on your current target, among many many other things. In order words you can configure what skill a button casts, what information that button shows (target debuffs, spell cooldowns, item cooldowns, raid buffs, procs, etc), and when that button is inactive or active (only when you have X soul shards, only when current target is less than 20% health, etc)

It also supports things like the Blizzard overlays (the glowy borders on spell procs) which can be enabled or disabled per button, etc. So if you like those effects, PM will do it too, but you can disable the effect per button if you want to disable one particular skill blizzard likes to light up that isn't important in your rotation.

It can do a million other things, much more complex, and it has been around for ~5 years now, once being used by many of the top raiders in the world (although not nearly as popular these days).

There is a little time investment to learn how to configure it, but its a very minimal way to combine hotbar and monitoring, and it doesn't require you to eye up a million moving bars or effects on your screen because the "monitors" are on your buttons themselves.


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Very reliable, often updated. Easy to customize: SPTimers.
Displays DoT ticks, which some people find crucial (like me) and not every DoT timer does it.
It also shows all units with our DoTs, not only target and focus, and this is probably unique for this addon.

Contrary to what this addon is assigned to (Class specific: priest), it will work with any class. I've used it for my spriest, warlock and balance druid.

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You can always try my addOn DoTracker.
Lightweight and simple but it gets the job done, let me know what you think.
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