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Pick for 11/9: Select (new)


Have tons of spells, but not enough bar space? Wish you could have buttons for all of your mounts/pets? Select can help with this. Create a macro with one of the /select commands and add it to your bars. Right-clicking the macro's button opens a menu with all items/spells that falls into the category assigned that macro. Click one of the items/spells to move it to the main button, where you can then left-click it to use it. Due to the nature of secure frames and such, you cannot change spells/items during combat. Because of this, some people may find limited use for Select, and Gello mainly wrote it as a proof of concept. But I found it neat and interesting, and thought I'd share.

To read more about it and try it yourself, see its download page.

For previous Picks of the Week, see here.

Are you the author of a mod that you think belongs in this spotlight? Just upload/update it to our site, and it will automatically be considered for that week's Pick.
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This reminds me of Remapping from the original Flexbar... oooo the good old days
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This is amazing! I can't wait to try it out tomarrow!

Why did no one (except for flexbar I guess) do this before?

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Seems similar to AutoBar (but easier to use) and Buffet. Buffet is only for health/mana foods/pots etc, but the concept seems the same. Nice work though!
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Same idea as MiniTrinketMenu, but now with everything you can need
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