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Gquit warning

I looked in the guild/group section of add-ons, couldn't find something that does what I want. I can be really bad at noticing anything in my chat window if I'm talking in vent while doing something. So wondering if an add-on exists that will do a message in the middle of my screen, perhaps even with a noise, if somebody gquits.
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I use this:


it comes in handy to let you know when anyone says anything in a specified channel...not sure if things like gquit come across or not, since it is more of a system warning than in the guild chat, but it works well for alerting you to guilt chat while on vent.
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On progression nights, back when you had to be attuned to SSC,etc.. our guild would have ~4-5 /gquits per night. It was customary to /gquit after getting that piece of loot you've been waiting for, that just would not drop. Of coarse, we always came back, immediately after, but it was fun watching in /gchat
""Longtimeguildy" has left the guild"
[guild] did he get something nice, or did he really quit?
[guild] 'Someluckypriest' just got their earring from Lurker
[guild] awesome
""Longtimeguildy" has joined the guild"
[guild] grats
[guild] grats man

Was fun, but slowed things down sometimes. I couldn't imagine having an addon popup for this purpose, I would have gone insane.

I too, would recommend something like littlebuddha suggested. iirc, I believe Chatter, or Prat, had a similar function built in, but it has been a very long time since I used it. I made it sound off anytime someone typed my name in chat, or "cookies" in chat (that usually meant a badge run marathon).
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there's a mod called guild log i use. it's pretty old, and i can't find it anywhere anymore, but thankfully is still works great. every time i log in (or toggle it from guild pane) i see a log that shows everyone who joined guild, left guild, leveled, changed ranks, or had their note change. it also saves a history until it's cleared. best part about this, it catches things like transfers and name changes that the normal guild log misses. it wont notify you right away, but sooner or later you will see the log, which is good enough for me =D if you want to PM me with an email address ill be happy to send you the files.

EDIT: forgot there's this http://www.wowinterface.com/download...uildCheck.html but as i recall i liked guild log better

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I use Guild Log too:
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The thing is, yes, I can look at the log. I need to know right at that moment though, when the person quits, and something really obvious. I don't want to go into it, but looking and finding out even a half hour later isn't good enough.
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