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12-02-12, 01:06 PM   #1
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5.059 is up

Due to the length of time it's taking to make the new code stable I've gone and fixed the old 5.057 version to make it work with 5.1 without errors.

Hopefully this doesn't mean everyone stops testing the new betas as I release them ><.

Also this will hopefully fix the problem with so many versions out there .. it'll be just 2 again, 5.059 for live, 5.1.0.x for testing.
12-02-12, 04:45 PM   #2
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beta 5.1

the map and quest seen to be work great for me,,,jerry
12-02-12, 09:12 PM   #3
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This is the link to the new update - http://www.wowinterface.com/download...Carbonite.html
12-03-12, 01:39 PM   #4
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5.1 gives back the tracking dots next to quests in the quest list, still one or two quests not in database but these are older quests I'm not going to worry about.

There seems to be several different places to go for info regarding the status of Carbonite, is wowinterface the defacto place to go now? for updates.
12-03-12, 03:33 PM   #5
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WoW interface is the basis for the addon so it should always have the most up to date info for the addon final releases as well as the beta's.
12-03-12, 08:28 PM   #6
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Thanks for the contribution, look forward to testing and complaining. Good stuff as always
12-04-12, 01:36 PM   #7
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Cool Curse Client

Hey I have my Curse Client addon release preference for Carbonite, AuctioneerSuite and WIM set to alpha (so I get any and all releases) but Carb is only reporting the latest release version. I dont know if you were aware but you can publish multiple levels of release thru the client, which would make it easier for those of us checking out your work-in-progress to get your latest beta (and alphas if you wanted to go that far). Just a suggestion that I (and I'm sure others) would appreciate.
12-05-12, 06:37 AM   #8
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Hi there.
i tested and bg calling incs from map still aint working.
Would be apresiated to take a look to that.
12-09-12, 07:48 PM   #9
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! everywhere

I guess its the update, or maybe another addon who knows. But there are hundreds of ! Quest icons all over the map in every area now. looked in options to see if there was a way to turn it off, any idea?
12-10-12, 04:35 PM   #10
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Exclamation Donations

Rythal, I have a question about donations. As I just registered you should have my email address. Please give me a method of private contact so that I may make donation arrangements. Thanks for a great addon. Southernvet

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