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So, I installed Carbonite over the weekend and did my normal questing, etc. Man, I love this thing. However, I started lagging REAL bad after about 2 hours playing. I would have to quit WoW, chill for a bit and come back.

Last night I thought, "Maybe it's carbonite, that's the only thing that's changed", so I uninstalled it and played, and nothing.

Is it just my imagination, or could it be Carbonite doing it?

If it could be Carbonite, what steps should I take to tone Carbonite down to a point where I still get some great use out of it, without it causing lag spikes? Is it a temporary thing (I told it to scan something about quests... And if that's the cause, I know at some point it'll STOP scanning because it'll complete the scan, and thus all willl be right with the world)?

I know there are a lot of questions here, but really, I like the functionality of the product, I'm just not happy with the current situation, but I'm willing to suffer it if there's an end in sight...
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A few things:

1) First, let's find out if it is, indeed, Carbonite causing the lag. The only way to tell if Carbonite is causing the problem is to test with Carbonite as the Only Enabled AddOn. If the problem continues with Carbonite as the only enabled addon, then the problem is definitely caused by Carbonite, and you can probably straighten it out by doing this: Go to your "Path to your WoW folder\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT NAME\SavedVariables\" folder, and find the "Carbonite.lua" and "Carbonite.lua.bak" files and either rename or delete them. These files contain all of the set up information for Carbonite, so your installation of Carbonite will look and act as if you have just installed it for all of your characters.

2) Next: What, exactly, did you have Carbonite "scan" for having to do with quests. I don't ever remember seeing an option in Carbonite phrased like that.

3) Next: Do you have the Blizzard "zone (sometimes referred to as the "battleground) map" open while you are playing? I know there was a bug with Carbonite and that map that caused lagging. I'm not sure if it's been fixed yet, so it's worth a shot.

4) Finally: When you want to test something, there is absolutely no reason to uninstall anything. Just log out to the character selection screen and disable whatever addon in the "AddOns" window there. If you use something like Addon Control Panel (better known as ACP) there's no need to even go back to the character selection screen to disable an addon. Of course, you will have to reload the UI, but those type of addons have a button on their interface to do that, or you could just type "/rl" (without the quotes) into an open chat prompt.

I highly suggest that you open the main Carbonite folder and find the "CarboniteReadMe" plain text file there, and read it. It will explain quite a bit about how to set Carbonite up and what the different parts of Carbonite do.

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So, I think I figured out the problem.

First, I finally figured out how to monitor the memory usage of my addons (leave me alone, been playing for 6 months), so I started watching them.

Carbonite was tops, using all of 7 mbs. Then, I walked into the AH and immediately I started lagging. Checked, Auctioneer was scanning, at 22 mb. It wasn't lagging until I went to the AH, and I remembered, I've been leveling my Enchanting/Tailoring by buying mats off the AH. But, I only did that one of the two nights of the weekend.

THAT's what was causing the lag, not Carbonite.

Now, to figure out how to tell Auctioneer to keep quiet until I'm on my bank-alt, and I should be good to go.

Thanks for the help. And yes, you DID help. You led me to research my other addons and how to find their memory usage.

I also found several other addons which I don't really use anymore, and that helped a lot as well.

As for the "Quest" stuff, it was asking if I wanted it to scan the server for completed quests. This time, I said "No".

Hope that keeps its usage down ever further.
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Actually, getting a quest completion from the servers only seems to take a couple of seconds, and I can't even tell it's happening when I am playing.

Your installation of Carbonite is low memory. Well, compared to mine, anyway. It's not too unusual for me to see Carbonite taking up anywhere from 10 to 15 MB while I play. I've gotten to the point where I just don't even bother looking anymore.

Auctioneer scans always put a big hurt on memory usage, but after its done scanning and then processing the scan, things go pretty much back to normal.

You can get your completed quests from the server anytime (if you are using the Carbonite Quest Log) by clicking the "History" tab along the bottom of the log, and right clicking on the history page and choosing "Get Completed From Server" in the pop up menu.

I've seen posts that insist that memory usage doesn't mean anything, so long as you have plenty installed in your computer. It is definitely not a good way to judge how good, or bad, and addon is. Addon CPU cycles mean more than addon memory usage. You can have an addon that uses very little memory, but if it is written (coded) poorly, that addons CPU usage might be through the roof causing all sorts of other problems.

I play on a two year old laptop with Window's Vista 64bit, crappy Microsoft Integrated Graphics and 4 GIGS of RAM. I also use something around 320 addons. Not the least of which are Carbonite and the Auctioneer Suite. I guess that's not too bad for 35 characters of all different classes and types. I don't really have a problem with RAM. My problem is the crappy integrated graphics. I can barely get 10FPS in Orgrimmar if it's busy. I don't even want to go near Dalaran. Last time I was there I was getting 7FPS just walking around.

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