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Appearance Tab Default Addition


I posted this on the beta tester forums, if anyone cares for this PLEASE help bump it. X_X

ORIGINAL: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/th...36597138&sid=1

Not my original idea, just an idea that I've been hoping for, for a very, very long time, and an idea that was brought up in this thread: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/th...66485&sid=2000

Not my original content, edited slightly be me, and slimmed down to just a few of them instead of all of them. To see the original, view the first link.

The Angle:
As World of Warcraft goes on, it becomes increasingly clear that the customizable appearance that the game's packaging shows off doesn't really apply. The closer you get to endgame, the less choice you have, and eventually you have an army of clones. Every rogue has the same gear, every priest, every warlock, every warrior, everyone looks the same. Sure, we can turn off helmets and capes, but that doesn't help much. This is exasperated by the fact that many equipment pieces use the same model, and in many cases the same colors as completely different gear.

The idea is fairly simple.

The Proposal:
The concept is to enable players to change their endgame appearance without affecting their ability to play, since WoW is a very gear-biased game. This has boiled down to the Appearance Tab proposal.

Appearance Tab - An additional tab in the Character pane in which a character is free to equip items in the body slots (Head, Shoulders, Chest, Shirt, Tabard, Bracers, Gloves, Belt, Pants, Boots, Cape). These items do not contribute stats or armor or any special abilities (+spellpower, agility, etc), and serve only to overwrite the model of the items equipped in the Character pane, customizing the in-game model with whatever look it is you want.

Appearance Tab example by Korari
-- http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h3...earanceTab.jpg
Appearance Tab example by Tierna
-- http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/i...cetabscopy.png

Appearance Tab's concept includes weapons. However, because of projected animation issues, you can only equip items in the Tab that are the same type as the weapons you have equipped. Sword, Sword and Board, dual swords, staff, and so on. None of this 'Equipped 2-hander, displaying sword and shield' nonsense.

You are able to disable these so that your armor shows as whatever you're wearing. In the Appearance Tab concept, you merely need to ... not put anything in the equip slots.
Your equipment also shows as normal in the Armory. There would be no need for an Appearance entry there. On friendly players, Inspect will show separate Character (For equipped gear) and Appearance (obvious) for equipped gear.

Arena & Rated Battlegrounds
Appearance-altering items like the Deviate Delights are disabled in Arena. Therefore, there's no reason why the Appearance Tab should be any different, and thus, should be disabled in Arena as well as rated battlegrounds, and re-enabled upon the end of the match.

The Appearance Tab should become available at level 60 or above. This way, new players aren't accidentally equipping gear into their Tab slots instead of their character pane, thinking it'll do them any good.

Beyond this, however, the Appearance Tab should be available to everyone. In this fashion, it requires no effort to attain, and therefore offers no distinct advantages in PvP. This is because everyone has the option to use it. And if everyone can choose to use something, it is certainly not an advantage to anyone.

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I foresee everyone raiding in Black Tuxedos with Pimp Canes, or tanks with fishing rods.

It's a nice idea, but there are a few downsides like mentioned above.
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I very highly doubt that this will ever happen, sorry OP. Blizzard has said in the past that they want armor, especially tier pieces, to be recognizable. This is also the reason they do not allow us to turn off shoulder graphics. If you're in ICC killing LK, it should LOOK like you're wearing epic armor to fight the final boss of the game, not look like you're wearing lederhosen from Brewfest. IMO it takes away from the "epic" feel of it all.
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This is really far from the first time a suggestion for "stats from one set, appearance from another" outfitting has been made, and personally I embrace and support such suggestions wholeheartedly. Probably because all my current main characters are on role-playing realms, derp.

Variety in gear once you hit endgaming (which plenty of people tend to do within tops one month after the release of a new expansion) is just non-existant within classes. Even the more powerful non-set items you'd upgrade to now and again have the same appearance as the set item you upgraded from. It's like being part of the most extravagantly clothed militia ever formed.
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Many folks (especially those on Roleplaying servers, myself included) would love to see some sort of expanded horizon like the above proposed appearance tab, or an armor/clothes dyeing system.

I'd support this. Sadly, no beta key. No ability to post there.

One thing that amuses me so far as Blizzard's homogenization of gear goes is when I was looking ahead at what sort of gear my Discipline/Shadow priest would be wearing. 2 different sets of gear, both with the same models and coloring. Specifically, Zabra's Cowl of Conquest and Zabra's Circlet of Conquest, but by no means limited to this.

Anyone can choose to raid in a silly outfit if they so desire, they just won't be able to survive the encounter.

Blizzard's character customization is rather lack-luster compared to some games and this would add some sort of depth to it without having to go the direction of cash shop (looking at Perfect World International for example).

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