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Carbonite 6.0 LIVE

Sticky Request

Carbonite is now broken down into modules, download as little or much as you want/need with Maps as your base.

Download links:
WoWI: Maps
WoWI: Quests
WoWI: Warehouse
WoWI: Social
WoWI: Weekly
WoWI: Notes
WoWI: Info

Curse: Maps
Curse: Quests
Curse: Warehouse
Curse: Social
Curse: Weekly
Curse: Notes
Curse: Info
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Exclamation Whee!


Yaaaay, so happy! The waiting quietly and watching has been totally worth it.
Especially seeing all the supportive people spring up to contribute or wrangle the forums!

I lurve you guys and gals.
I know you're in there
I sense your fear

I know you're hiding here
Come, my dear
You can hide in the night while I'm waiting here, all alone

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