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07-23-13, 02:52 AM   #1
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Selective mount buff monitor

I'm in need of an addon that will monitor specific members of a raid, that I specify, for any and all mount buffs. If it detects that one of those people being monitored has mounted it should give a raid warning or something of the sort.

The reason for it is because I'm putting together a raft race using the Anglers Fishing Raft. An addon that does what I mentioned above would be invaluable so I don't have to get volunteers to line most of the water course in order to monitor the race.

If anyone knows of an addon that does something along the lines of what I'm asking for I'd appreciate a heads up.
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07-23-13, 07:58 AM   #2
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According to the comments, the raft applies a buff Anglers Fishing Raft. If all contestants are in a raid, it should be easy to monitor for that buff using raid buff monitor AddOns. Mounting removes the buff, and you would know instantly.

That would be easier, and far less of a niche, than writing an AddOn specifically to detect the raft.
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07-25-13, 09:09 PM   #3
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The problem is that being attacked removes the buff as well. I've been looking at routes with enemies running around in order to make the race more interesting. I don't want to disqualify anyone for getting klonked on the head.
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07-26-13, 01:29 AM   #4
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You can call UnitAffectingCombat("raid7") to find out if the unit is in combat when they lose the mount buff.
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07-30-13, 01:50 AM   #5
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D'oh. All my test runs up til now have been on my rogue. A guildmate has pointed out that any damage removes the raft. With the increased fall limit before damage I never saw that problem. Going down a waterfall will remove the buff because the character will be landing on the raft. Can't have a raft race without waterfalls. On the plus side it does make the race more interesting.

Thank you both for helping me out. It looks like it's back to square one though.

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07-30-13, 04:24 PM   #6
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Maybe you'll need to have a referee or two flying along overhead?
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08-03-13, 10:29 AM   #7
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That is the best option I've been able to come up with as well since what I originally wanted was a wee bit too specific to actually exist. Hehe. The runner up idea was to find a raid buff monitoring addon that's easy to modify and just add all mount/flight buffs. Since I have no coding skills it would basically have to be as easy as copy and paste. Durr hurr hurr.

The major hurdle is to convince someone to stay out of the race and help me monitor it. Seems like everyone wants to compete. Hell, I've been trying to figure out how to do it while still racing and I'm not even eligible for the prizes.

I'm thinking of suckering someone into it by having them act like a sports announcer while using Ventrilo.

"Number 22 has gone down the wrong stream and is trying to turn around! Numbers 13 and 17 are getting beat on by rabbits off in the distance!"

"Number 8 just disconnected!"

"The finish line is in sight! Racer Number 3 is coming up on Number 7. Number 7 is trying desperately to keep the lead!"

"The gap is disappearing!"

"These two titans of button mashing are now neck and neck!"

"Number 3 has accidentally hit his enter key and is now typing like a cat!"

"It's over! Number 7 has won the race in a screenshot finish!"

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