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Ni Karma System

Hi all,
To preface, I am extremely new with coding and have no major depth of knowledge to draw from. If I ask a newb question, please overlook it and forgive me. I took some time away from WoW and recently returned. I am looking to start a raiding guild and the loot system I have used in the past seem to work great while building a guild as it let PuGs know that we were fair with distribution and the more time/effort you contributed, the more likely you were to receive the piece you wanted when time came to roll on it. That being said, I was sad to see that there had been no updates made to it since 4.0 and the author hasn't had any activity since 2010. I downloaded the addon, updated the table and loaded it to see how much functionality was there. It seem to load without issues, but when I went through the basic commands to check it, it would throw me an error about a positive or negative number when distributing points. I faintly remember a chat change a couple of years ago and am wondering if this is something that was affected by that change. I would really like to update it for use in 6.0 and beyond but at this time, I'd have an easier time trying to figure out what women really mean when they make ambiguous statements than sorting it out. I know back in the day, addon studio was decent at pointing out invalid arguments but it seems to no longer be useful. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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