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CabB 1 and other chat issuse

I've used Carbonite forever with no problem, but this afternoon, as I logged in, I was asked if I want to combine Carbonite maps with in-game map, etc. as if I have just installed the addon.

Then, I discovered that I can't talk to my guild. I can sometimes see notices of guildies' achievements, but I can't see them talk, they can't see me talk, and I can't see me talk. And yes, I'm using /g--in fact, the chat window says Guild.

So I tried to ask about the problem in Trade chat, but when I typed in /2. I get CabB 1. Nothing I do seems to fix the problem.

Yes, I turned off all other addons, and the problem persists. I disabled and re-enabled Carbonite, and the problem persists. I've restarted the computer, restarted the game several times, changed locations. Nothing seems to help.

Suggestions, please?
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Try this:

Go to your "Path to your WoW folder\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT NAME\SavedVariables\" folder and rename or delete the "Carbonite.lua" and "Carbonite.lua.bak" files. This will completely reset your Carbonite installation and it will look and act as if it was just installed for all of your characters. This is because all of Carbonites set up information for all of your characters is kept in those two files. I say "rename or delete" simply because if you choose to rename them and this doesn't work, you can always delete the new files and rename the originals back and not loose the set ups for all of your characters.

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