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Originally Posted by guice
But then it throws things off balance vs NPCs prices. They are static and can't change.
NPC prices for items stop mattering around level 12 or so. Beyond that, the gear they sell do not have bonuses, and are not as good as the items found on corpses. No one buys them.
NPC prices for training aren't really relative to anything anyway. They don't go up very much as you approach level 60; they don't really scale with level. Inflation wouldn't matter there.
NPC prices for trade good accessories (vials, thread, etc...) become negligable after a while, so inflation doesn't matter there, either.
Flight route costs are also low enough to ignore as well.
Repair costs are also already extremely low, and wouldn't be 'thrown off' by inflation, either.

What balance are you speaking of?

And how many new player at the level 6 knows about the Auction House? I real new player, not one that has already leveled to 60.
Inflated gold prices only matter when it comes to AH prices. Your level 6 character that doesn't know about the AH wouldn't be affected at all by gold farmers.
If he's not buying from the AH, then he's not concerned at all about how much money other people have.

And lets not discount the fact added botting start incuraging eBaying as a different revenue for selling excess gear and money.

As for ebaying money, I also don't see the harm in that practice. If someone wants to spend their real money for something in a game, I think they should be able to.
It doesn't hurt me if someone else has their 'uber' gear because they bought it, and didn't actually find/earn it or if they used their credit card.
If you want to buy someone's level 60 character, go ahead. I think the fun is earning the gold/items/XP myself, but if someone else's fun is to take a pre-made 60 and go from there, how does it hurt me?
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