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Talking Greetings ... and a good HaHa!

I must say I've been browsing WoW Interface for a while, I used to be an avid UI Forum regular in the WoW forums but many things turned me away and I began spending more time staring at my code, than thinking about it at all.

I enjoy helping people with ideas, concepts, and love to see peoples projects come to fruition. Its a great feeling, and I feel bad for letting so many of my mods go by the wayside, and die off. It is however, very enlightening to see people lifting my mods from the ashes, rebuilding them using their own thoughts and ideas, and reintroducing them. It makes me feel good to know I inspired something, and got someones else brain ticking like mine does. The anticipation when something comes through that started as just an idea.

Well anyway, I wanted to take this time to say Greetings! I'm Atrius. I spend my time playing on the Feathermoon RP server, currently Atrius is out due to storyline mishaps and people disappearing, but I have other characters I play. Collectively Uthas and I run the #Feathermoon channel on WoW IRC as well, so feel free to stop by. I used to own #UI but after getting little to no support in there that idea kind of went away.

I'm hoping to frequent the forums here a bit more, hopefully shed some misdirected abstract light from the box outside of the box, but still inside the sphere.

Now on to the laughing part...

The header to this very day gives me a chuckle when I load up the page. The ad thats been running through rpgui has been the EQ2 free trial advertisement everytime I load the page. Perhaps I'm just weird, but I see the WoW Interface logo and this fancy EQ2 advertisement and it made me double take the first time, now everytime after that it gives me a little giggle. Okay, so maybe I'm a few hours past midnight on the crazy clock, but that doesn't give you the right to judge me! Well, anyway ...

Greetings, and well met.
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