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New 5.1 Release

Hello this is my very first post here...so I am not exactly sure where to post it.

Today (November 29,2012) the new update for WoW came out. Version number 5.1 and it states that Carbonite is out of date. I was wondering if there is something that can be done to work around this...as Carbonite is my main source to get around the maps...etc.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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the new version is being worked on.
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Thank you for the speedy reply. As I have received 2 messages from you I can tell that you are diligent in your work. Thanks again...
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In wow, click Add on button on the lower left corner of your character screen.... Then, click the *load out of date addons* check box at the top of the addon screen. That will allow all your addons that havent been updated as yet for the current wow version to load. This happens to ALL addons for every patch... Many addon devs have full time jobs and do their addons as a hobby. They need time to update them and using the *load out of date add on* option allows you to continue using them until the devs can update them for the current wow version.
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I think what he ment was for some reason Carbonite says their is a updated version past 5.057 because that is what it keeps telling me.
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That could be due to someone else modifying the addon and giving it a different version number. If its annoying you go into the options and disable global channel communication. You won't get updates but you also won't get false ones as well.

Rythal, maybe putting in an expeted return code for a new update for a previous version would be worthwhile. Something like a checksum or maybe change the channel used by all of your future revisions so that even if someone was to modify the original code it would not cause yours to receive a message.

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