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Need a few more mods.

1st off I need a tooltip mod. I just want one that is highly customizable. Also, in the chat window, I reamber Mazzle had a Add-on that if you clicked on a item, you would get all kinds of info for like prices, and drop places I think. I also, need a small casting bar. One that I can move around and also has the targets casting bar.
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tooltip mods: There are quite a few out there...a few of the more popular are Tinytip (my personal fav.), TipTac, and CowTip. There are others too, just do a search for tooltip in the addon section.

I've never used Mazzle, but from reading the forums I'm almost positive that it's Mendeleev that you are talking about.

CastBars: There are a few of these too, but one of the most popular is also Quartz. Same as tooltips...just do a search in the addon section to find more.
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  • Cowtip is the most customisable one I know of (http://files.wowace.com)
  • Engravings lets you have places you might find items appear on the tooltip, Mendeleev also puts extra data there (although not locations I believe) and Sellfish gives you vendor prices for things (if you get Sellfish I also recommend Vendorbait as it highlights which quest item is worth the most money - very useful! All of these are available here.
  • Quartz is the most customisable casting bar I know of (files.wowace.com again). Having said that, a lot of UnitFrames addons come with builtin castingbars these days.
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Depending on what you mean by "highly customizable", you may be happy with TipTac. Personally I found CowTip (suggested by the previous poster) to be massive bloated overkill.
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CowTip has DogTag support which put it on top of all others
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Except that the DogTag library has simply astronomical resource usage. If you can avoid using it, I would highly recommend doing so.

Currently I have only one addon that uses DogTag: InfiniBar, which uses it for customizing keybind text and button highlights, for some reason. As I'm looking right now, DogTag alone is averaging 4.7 CPU/sec.

For comparison, I am running a total of 158 addons (including libraries); my addons in total are using an average of 12.5 CPU/sec -- that means that DogTag alone is using 37% of all the CPU time used by 158 addons, and that's with only one addon using it for very minor tasks. If I disable InfiniBar and DogTag (and Rock and the other libraries that are only used by IB), my addons in total are using 3.9 CPU/sec -- less than DogTag alone.

CPU usage is by far the biggest impactor on your game's performance. For s***s and giggles, I just disabled the InfiniBar crew, and staring at a wall got 141-147 FPS. I re-enabled InfiniBar and its libraries, and staring at the same wall (I didn't move the camera) I got 133-138 FPS. I can only imagine the greater difference if I were using addons that used DogTag more intensively.

In short: if you don't need the level of customization offered by DogTag via CowTip, don't use it.
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