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10-29-10, 11:23 AM   #41
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X-Tina + Crystal = Xrystal. I like that.
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11-01-10, 02:21 AM   #42
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Well, mine is a combo of a few things.

You see, when my godmother died (Yes, I was baptized and yes, I've had it undone too) I was only 2yrs old and I didn't understand why I didn't see her anymore. So mom explained to me that she went to live with the stars, and with the moon.
Since I was a tiny person, (Believe me, it's been a long time) on my birthday, I go outside and look up to the stars at night to talk to her. But, that started my fascination with the stars, moon and sun.
That would be part 1 of the name :P

Part 2 is simpler, it's who and what I am.
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11-01-10, 12:48 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by zork View Post
X-Tina + Crystal = Xrystal. I like that.
Rofl, when I used to play Sims Online I used to have 2 characters .. one called Xrystal Belle the other called Xrystal Ball. I just love play on words.
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11-01-10, 01:24 PM   #44
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Mine's not all that fancy like the others...

my nick name is Pachy and many ppl had a hard time saying it unless your Latin... and I enjoy Anime a lot as well so then I created " Kachi " so it would be easy for my american friends to say it.

I know corney but i likes

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11-03-10, 05:35 AM   #45
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Not from the Autobots...

Mine is from the Latin word "Optimum".

"" Etymology
< New Latin, neuter of Latin optimus (“best, very good”) < root op in ops (“work”), omnis (“all”).
optimum (plural optima or optimums)
The best or most favorable condition, or the greatest amount or degree possible under specific circumstances.""

I wanted the name Optimus like in the famous transformers, but couldn't take the name, so Opthimus it is.

I have used the name from the release of wow.

My first Opthimus
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11-03-10, 09:57 AM   #46
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Mine is pretty simple. Partially my real first name, and the numbers are from some of my favorite cars at a couple of local dirt tracks near where I grew up. If anyone recognizes these names, then you've got a clue as to the region I grew up in: [1] Wally Marks (owner, too many drivers), [6] Jackie Hamilton, [2] Johnny Botz, or [62] Chuck Welty. Made it easy to remember. 8^)
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11-03-10, 12:00 PM   #47
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Mines comes from 祈祷 and that means "to pray" in cantonese dialect ..
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11-03-10, 01:33 PM   #48
Credendo Vides
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"Cairenn nic Giolla Coinning" is 11th Century Gaelic. It started out as my name in the SCA 'lo these many years gone, and it just "fit" in the mmorpg world too, so I've been using it here for as long as I've been on-line gaming. It is also the name I use on all of my *Interface.com/MMOUI.com sites.

"Cairenn" - From the Gaelic "cara" + the diminutive "-in" meaning "little friend or little beloved." Caireann Chasdubh ("Cairenn of the Dark Curly Hair") was the mother of the legendary warrior Niall of the Nine Hostages and thus was the maternal ancestor of the high kings of Ireland. Translated to modern day English it is "Karen" (which is my 'real life' first name). While most will tell you that Karen is a derivative of Catherine, there are many that believe that Cairenn is the actual originating name.

"nic" means "daughter of", the same as "mac" means "son of' and "o" means "grandson of" (Now you know where all the MacDonalds and O'Reillys came from )

"Giolla Coinning" translated to modern day English means "Kilkenny", the name of my SCA clan.

Thus fully translated to modern day English, it's "Karen, daughter of Kilkenny" and is my main's name in any given mmorpg. She is always an elven ranger/hunter.
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11-03-10, 06:17 PM   #49
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I had just watched this video before creating a new character.

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11-03-10, 07:26 PM   #50
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When I was in high school, I was looking through an online name dictionary for a name for a character in a story; it was defined as "white rose." At first she was just a foster child that climbed trees, caught lizards, and read books. She "grew up" into a woman with a green mohawk who worked in a plant nursery.

So, it was only natural that in WoW, she manifested as a troll herbalist. Sevti was my main raiding in BC, and my guild called me "Sev" for short. All my alts on that server since have had the same prefix. I'd probably respond to it IRL at this point :P
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11-05-10, 03:39 PM   #51
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Transformed B = By G= God. All in all Transformed By God, been using ever since the day i took Jesus Christ as my personal lord and savior Aug 18,1998.
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11-05-10, 06:18 PM   #52
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It started out as my name in the SCA 'lo these many years gone. . .
You too! A friend once convinced me to help out with an SCA event. I wasn't a formal member, but I played "Niv bar Efron". Niv is the first name of a prominent ancestor in my family, bar means "son of" (a la Mac or Mc) and Efron is a surname that appears several times in my family history.

My online persona was originally Natowarhead (two childhood nicknames slammed together). But after I graduated High School, I felt a name that would not put me on an FBI watch list would be better.
Niv was taken on the server I originally started on so I changed it to a misspelled variation I once found while filling out my family tree.

Ironically enough, after it was chosen I found out that "Neef" is an actual name; albiet a rare one.
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11-05-10, 07:51 PM   #53
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Mage not a priest, but...
blended with
"You'd be surprised how many people violate this simple principle every day of their lives and try to fit square pegs into round holes, ignoring the clear reality that Things Are As They Are." -Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

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11-05-10, 08:55 PM   #54
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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post

"This is the fifteen-thousandth four hundredth and ninety-eighth occurence".
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11-05-10, 10:05 PM   #55
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Cid + Rei = Cidrei

The Cid portion specifically came from a friend who called me that once in real life and amongst that group of friends it stuck. As for Rei, I needed a longer user name than Cid and I was watching Evangelion at the time so why not.
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11-07-10, 03:36 AM   #56
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Hey, brauchst du irgendwie Zahnseide Alter?

*schmeiss mich weg*
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11-07-10, 05:55 AM   #57
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frogi is the first two letters of my first and first three of my second name.

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11-10-10, 10:41 AM   #58
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I used to play a gnome frost mage.

In portuguese, frigobar is a small fridge
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11-10-10, 10:45 PM   #59
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Originally Posted by Frigobar View Post
I used to play a gnome frost mage.

In portuguese, frigobar is a small fridge
The epicness of this is truly staggering.

I think Hong Kong Phooey was a ninja AND a pirate. That was just too much awesome. - Yhor
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12-01-10, 03:44 PM   #60
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Pretty lame but my name is Ken, wifes name is Dianna~~Kendian
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