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Does anyone know of property sheets widget (XML)?

I'd like to save a few days of scripting here... Does anyone know of a property sheets widget (in XML).

An example, if you have AdvancedInterfaceOptions; it's Interface -> Addon -> AdvancedIntefaceOptions -> CVar's frame. I'd ask that author, because it's perfect, but I really would like a mostly (or entirely) XML approach, and they wrote the entire thing in LUA.

If you don't know of one, maybe you have some design approach ideas to offer?

Thanks for any help!

Edit: Does blizzard use one anywhere?
Edit2: Working demo's of Slider or ScrollFrame would be nice as well.
Edit3: NVM, going with Semlar's widget, with permission.

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I'm not totally au fait with XML parlance to know what you mean by a property sheet widget. My understanding was that a property was part of a widget in an xml file. If you meant something that tells you about all the available widgets .. the links below should assist you there if used together.

There would only be XML coding for an addon if the creator used them. It's an individual choice so some people do and some people don't for a variety of reasons.

As to Blizzards use of the XML file you might want to take a look at these files:

And this is a good site to use as a guide to what is out there.

Hopefully these will assist you in what you need.
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