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06-25-09, 08:41 AM   #1
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Doesn't work on PTR

More than a heads up than a bug report since it works on live - but on PTR it just doesn't come up with a map or anything... (I hope blizzard hasn't started blocking you)
06-29-09, 03:12 AM   #2
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I confirm it.
06-29-09, 11:37 AM   #3
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Anything in baddaddons.wcf in the PTR folder ? It's in one of those folders in it.
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I'm guessing that it has to do with the changes the Blizzard made regarding the map, adding things to the map, and some other changes. If you have lua errors turned on, you should get errors. Are you?
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07-02-09, 08:09 PM   #5
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Oh 13 pages of it *g*

though one thing which springs into vision is "ttempt to index local 'map' (a nil value)"

Blizzard added a new zone in northrend, perhaps that has something to do with it.
07-18-09, 10:22 PM   #6
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We currently have Carbonite working without errors on the PTR after making the changes described below. I also have the new Blizzard quest locations showing on the maximized Carb map, but will probably scrap the current method and rewrite it, since I am not thrilled with it.

All changes were made to be backwards compatible with the current version of WoW, so 3.14 will be made as a general release probably within the next week, pending a few more changes and testing.

Changes: 3.14

Fixed map zone selection staying disabled when Esc key used to close a menu.

Changes for Patch 3.2:

Added support for Hrothgar's Landing zone.
Added support for Isle of Conquest zone.

Fixed error from rename of GetDifficultyColor.
Fixed error from missing function UnitIsPlusMob.
Fixed Blizzard quest log detail frame sometimes showing.
Fixed Info window BG cancel time always showing 0.

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