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Great, i'll love patching from now on

Well, woke up today, ran to the computer filled with joy and with a feeling of excitement (not exactly i was quite tired) and double clicked that little wow-icon on my desktop. Started downloading the patch, was done before i knew it since it was kinda already downloaded most of it. Started installing, still fine no problems at all. When it was done i logged on, atleast tried to, and it said "downloading patch", "press restart to patch" or something like that. I was like, 'OK', a tiny hotfix or something. Nah, was a 700mb file to take me from version 3.0.1 - 3.0.2 by some reason.
Ok installed that and felt the urge to respecc my rogue, so i quickly logged on again only to find that my serverlist was like 50 servers short and the few that was there (im not playing on any of em btw) was offline anyway. Aight, servers probably offline still then i thought. Went to eat some breakfast, came back only to face the same servers again, still offline. What the heck? Fired up firefox (catchy eh?), went to wow-europe to check the realmstatus, and what do i find? All servers up and running! It was green arrows freakin everywhere. Starting to get a bit pissed so i tried to log on again, still only a few offline servers. Went to my wow folder, checked so that everything was in order. Checked my realmlist.wtf file, nothing wrong anywhere.
Thats when i saw the file named "Repair". Ok i thought, ill give it a shot. Let it run for a while (was goin through all my .mpq files, they are kida big as you might know) and came back to find a message saying like;

"Too much memory missing to repair, please reinstall WoW."


In desperation, anger and some kind of berzerking i deleted my wow folder and began reinstalling it, only to find out that when i deleted my wow folder, i also deleted all the patches, which will take me all day to download!

Lucky day, eh?

Just had to share my experience and if someone have a clue what happened, please tell!

Edit: Im still downloading the 2.4.2 patch.. Sigh.

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dude! get Recuva and recover the patchfiles, with good luck you'll get most of em back
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