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RDX Addons Updater (RAU)

This feature of RDX is still in beta.

RAU is used to update yours RDX Addons/Packages. This is working like emule in your game. Addons and packages are similar in the world of OpenRDX.
Important, you can only search and download Packages from members of your group, (Party, Raid and Battleground). (guild is coming in next patch)
Click on the link RAU from tha package manager of the main panel.

MyPackages Panel
This panel show all yours installed packages. You can right click on the package to modify his attributes.

Fill yours details on all fields.
The version should be : 1.0.0 (Major, Medium, minor)
The checkbox IsShare is very important. This allow other people to see and to download that package.
The checkbox IsAutorun is used to say if that package need to be run when login in the game. It is like enable/disable yours addons.

Search Panel
You can see the addons/Package from a RDX player by clicking on the option from his menu "RDX: See Addons"
The RAU will automatically open on the search Panel and the list of available package is listed.

Make a search
Type in the field search the name of a package you are looking for.
If you enter nothing, you will see all packages available from anyone.
Click on the button search to request from every member of your group.

Download a package
From the search panel, right click on a package and select "Download". A window with the status of download stream is opened.

You can launch many download at the same time

At the end of the download, a window is open with all the content of that package. You can select all or just some objects to be installed.

The new Addon/Package is installed into your RDX.

Transfert Panel
Just to show you state of all your transferts.

There is a timeout of 5 minutes, transfert package taking more than five minutes are throw. (I will add in the settings panel a option to set this value)

Settings Panel
Not available for now, coming in the next release.

Make your own test

Ask a friend to download the Cognac_UI OOBE from WoWI.
This OOBE contains:
player window
Pet window
Focus window
target window
casbar window
minimap window
Group window

Your friends need to allow share on this package. Be on the same party with your friends.
You can download the whole UI Cognac Package from him.

With RAU, what you can gain :
no more need of any updater outside of the game. (it is not really true, in fact you need one guy to download a package from a web site to make it available for all)
Compatible windows, linux, mac with no problems
Secure download and end virus with addons.

Share everything, RDX windows, Scripts, bossmods, desktop etc...

This is a good way to share yours addons/packages with yours friends.

OpenRDX Team
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