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GetWorldStateUIInfo() clarification

Hi so I'm new, and quite a beginner in wow addons, I've looked all over the place, before coming here.

Does this code works ?

		local _, stateh, scoreh = GetWorldStateUIInfo(2);
		if (stateh == 2 and not hcarrier) or scoreh == 2 then
 		local _, statea, scorea = GetWorldStateUIInfo(1);
		if statea == 2 and scorea == 2 then
It's a tiny modification I made of Capping. It's supposed to make me leave a battleground if :
- Horde hold the alliance flag and capping doesn't know who is holding it regardless of the score, Or Horde has 2 points out of 3 in the match, no matter what.
- Alliance has 2 points out of 3 and they hold horde flag

Apparently it doesn't do that, as I get out of the BG, if Alliance hold horde flag (and 0-0), when I just join in. It shouldn't.
Don't ask me why I want to do that, long story.

The score is a string ? does my scorea == 2 works ?

hcarrier should be nul at this point of the execution...

Thanks for any help.
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if the score is a string ( logic tells me its a number, but okay) then string == 2 wont work. because "2" does not equal 2.

you could do

score == "2" or tonumber(score) == 2, but worst case, add some prints so you can see whats going on


local _, stateh, scoreh = GetWorldStateUIInfo(2);
print(stateh, scoreh, type(scoreh)) --that last bit you can see if scoreh is a string or a number.

you could even add
print((stateh == 2 and not hcarrier) or scoreh == 2) and it will print true or false (i think, it might print if true and print nothing if false, i forget, you could try print(1==1, 1==2) and see what that yields)
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ok thanks a lot, this should help

edit: after some time, I figured my problem was that WoWwiki isn't correctly documented, it state that the argument 1 is alliance and 2 is horde... which is false, at least for warsong gulch... it's 2 alliance and 3 horde... 1 being used for the time remaining info... For arathi basin it might be 1 alliance, 2 horde, as there is no time... but it's not always like that

that's why I had weird stuff going on... also the score is indeed a string as documented in wowwiki, like "0/3"

just weird that they say [score]/3, it's a bit confusing...

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