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Help with the following error

I recently started playng my monk again and one add-on is now giving me the below error. The add-on is called "ChiEnergyBar. I think I downloaded it from Curse so went there to find it and post this error on the add-on's page burt it is no longer listed. I searched both Curse and here, and neither place has the add-on so I'm guessing it was dropped by the author or removed. I searched for a similar add-on but all that I found either would not work or did not have near the functionality of ChiEnergyBar.

The add-on seems to work fine except for the error that occurs with any port, instance entrance or character leveling. I don't know enough about lua to correct and am hoping someone here can help me fix it.

Here's the BugGrabber output:

BugGrabberDB = {
["session"] = 5708,
["lastSanitation"] = 3,
["errors"] = {
["message"] = "Interface\\AddOns\\ChiEnergyBar\\CEBcore.lua:317: Invalid groupIndex parameter! Usage: GetTalentInfo(tier, column, groupIndex [, isInspect, inspectUnit])",
["time"] = "2015/12/23 10:28:02",
["locals"] = "self = CEBCoreFrame {\n 0 = <userdata>\n TimeSinceLastUpdate = 0\n updateInterval = 0.1\n}\nevent = \"PLAYER_TALENT_UPDATE\"\nlocDB = <table> {\n cpOld = 0\n fontSetPoints = <table> {\n }\n border = <table> {\n }\n tBrew = \"Tigereye Brew\"\n inVehicle = false\n cpMax = 4\n texture = <table> {\n }\n ySized = false\n helpText = <table> {\n }\n xSized = false\n font = <table> {\n }\n color = <table> {\n }\n cpUpdate = false\n cpTot = 5\n colPickId = \"Eb\"\n doChiPointsUpdate = true\n inCombat = false\n}\n",
["stack"] = "[C]: in function `GetTalentInfo'\nInterface\\AddOns\\ChiEnergyBar\\CEBcore.lua:317: in function <Interface\\AddOns\\ChiEnergyBar\\CEBcore.lua:182>",
["session"] = 5674,
["counter"] = 9,
}, -- [1]

Thanks to anyone who can help and I wish everyone Happy Holidays.
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