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Unhappy Lots of help needed X_x

I hope this is the right section. I'll give a history of what Ive done / after and then post the problems that Im having and hope that some one can help me.

My knowledge of UI's is slim to none. When I first started WoW I was told to use Cosmos because it was Godly. I didnt even realise that there were other UI things out there until a friend told me about Gypsy, and after installing that and getting incredibly confused I deleted WoW and started again (not realising that I could just delete the Interface folder )

Since I love flower picking, a friend told me about the gather mod, and then sent me a couple of files. This time I deleted the Interface folder and cleared out cosmos. Installed the files that were sent to me and got my first taste at "tweaking" my UI and actually being able to have things where I wanted them. I was able to move around bars to any where, but being a stiggler, and not liking change all that much I resigned to the fact that my exp bubbles were gone, but in return I had a some what clearer interface.


Although it was annoying that there was so much clutter, and that everything was so big and when I was on a raid, Im nosey and like to see whos dead and if its a wipe I should try to Feign Death to save repair gold ( ) So that along with the huge list of buffs that you get during raids it limited my viewing it felt like I was getting little to no view of what was going on outside of my character..


Thats what it felt like I was looking at. So after watching dinapvp, looking around and going through a button spring clean. I was able to install a mod to remove my tracking buttons and make them a drop down menu by the mino map, shrinking the UI and limiting the buttons (and junk in my bag) that I had I was able to clear out 2 full bars and then some and made my screen look almost like what I want it to.


So I kept looking around and saw that I still didnt have the same kinda layout, and still used a lot more things than other hunters. I like having "OMGEVERYTHING" on my screen, so I figured that I'd shrink it and then keep trying.

A saw in the dinapvp video and a friends screen shot something about "shift #" and it did the action that was assigned instead of changing the bar to a number. Something that Ive been known to do in the past accidently, and ended up chugging pots, elixirs and scrolls accidently. From a friends screen shot (to show what Im talking about)


And incase it helps thats a screen shot of my addons folder (not all enabled but the bulk are and 80% Ive no idea what they do ) http://www.imgspace.net/go/M42d33bfe463a8.jpg

Help Please:
1. From the screen shot above, is it possible to have something like that for traps? Im aware of a bar thats similar which has hunter aspects (except for Aspect of the Beast for what ever reason), it doesnt look the same and that seems more compact than the one the hunter one. I'd like to have something like that for traps. Is there something like that?

2. From the screenshot above, this is the shift # thing (apprently) which allows to to perform the action that the button is assigned to. After talking to people in the guild, apprently its something with key bindings ~ I've no idea how they work. The only thing Ive been able to change is "Num Lock" as autro run to "`" (AKA ~ with out having to press shift) )

3. I've recently started getting some CT Raid assist errors (http://www.imgspace.net/go/C42d33b4251bed.jpg while on my hunter or http://www.imgspace.net/go/D42d33b425df31.jpg while logged on my friends priest) and I'd like those gone.

Thanks in advance

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