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trade anywhwere

i just had an idea, and i thought id share in case someone would want to make it a reality

a mod that let you watch trade chat when not in cities =D impossible right? nope. this mod would only work for the select few who have more than one account or possibly those who have friends also running it. so basically i would leave one character in a city, and he would broadcast trade to my main character who is elsewhere. if this became popular then maybe it could even share the data with all users on the server, but i have no idea of the memory implications. maybe someone with the know-how would find it useful to make, maybe it already exists?! who knows, just thought i'd share the idea
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Guild2Guild could do this with a little tweaking I think...

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Already exists http://www.wowinterface.com/download...EverTrade.html Have fun :P
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mister shady
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Why would anyone want to willingly submit themselves to this punishment?

I cannot think of a single good reason. Are you doing it to LFG? If that's the case, use the tool that Blizzard provided us with.

Looking to join a guild? Use the Guild Recruitment channel that Blizzard provided for us.

Looking to have a migraine the entire time you play? Turn your desklamp to shine in directly in your eyes.

Looking to actually do some buying/selling? LOL, that stuff doesn't happen in trade chat, silly noob!

Mr. Shady
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There were many a time I wish I could keep track of the trade channel when I left town. For actual trading reasons. I have filters that keep out most the riff-raff. Since you would only be listening vs adding comments LFG, spamming it for a look for group wouldn't be an issue. But being able to see someone is selling that item you've been looking for and then whispering to them is great idea.

for those you haven't got their game on check out MntDew's Game Fuel. From what I hear Free Pet for enrolling.
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