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Totem Timer - Workable Idea

Okay, I've been thinking about this and have a workable method for doing a Totem Timer in 2.0 code, the only problem is I'm a complete newbie at LUA/XML code. Beginning the steps to learn it, but it'll take some time (as I'm sure you authors out there already can testify to). In the meantime, in case someone wants to take this idea and run with it before I can do it... consider this a request.

The layout for the mod will be divided into two distinct sections: Timer and Cast Bars.

Timer: The timer portion will consist of 4 buff icons in a horizontal bar fashion. Each icon will be linked to the elemental types (possibly adjustable by user input), ie. Fire, Earth, Air, Water. The sole purpose of these will be to track currently active totems of the respective type. When a totem of the proper element is dropped, the icon for that totem will be displayed with a timer beneath it showing duration remaining. Once the duration expires, the window is cleared.

Cast Bars: These will be sets of 4 buttons beneath the corresponding buff timer. Each will be linked to the same element as the timer above. The user can designate how many bars they wish (minimum 1, maximum ?). Once the bar is active, the user right clicks the button and selects what totem they wish that button to be. Once selected/secured/locked, these bars will allow for casting of totems.

This way you have a standard timer for totems, user defined buttons for totems to provide easy access, plus the user can select how many of these bars to show to conserve space. Want 2 bars (8 total totems) or 5 bars (20 total totems)? This is similar to the other mods such as Call of Elements, Totem Timers and so forth, but should be functional within the 2.0 code changes. Additional features would be the obvious things such as resizing and repositioning on the screen.

Anyone already working on something like this? An updated CoE? Thanks!
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A Defias Bandit
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Not quite the same, but you may be interested in the addon I'm currently working on, Henge. It uses the same basic graphical design as Necrosis/Cryolysis/Serenity/SacredBuff/the-million-other-clones but it's an attempt to provide a class-independant base, with modules to support each class. Currently the shaman module is the only working one but once the patch hits I'll really be getting to work on the class modules, so far it's been mostly trying to get the core design down and learning how to use SecureStateHeaders (read: I hate SecureStateHeaders now. With a passion.). However, it's really starting to get to where I want it, and I can at least guarantee that the Henge core and the shaman module (TotemHenge) will be ready for the patch.
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