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Check boxes

Im wokring on my addon and here is one of the features I want.

On Death I want a message to be sent to a preset channel

So I know I have to do this much

register the event

here is where im not sure what to do
On my frame I have a checkbox I have named $parentHRFChkOnDeath

Heres my function so far
function MyAddon_Onevent()
idplayer = UnitName("player");
if (event == "PLAYER_DEAD" and deadpc == idplayer) then
DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("YOUR DEAD!!!.", 1, 1, 1);
SendChatMessage("I'M DEAD!!!", "channel", "common", mychan);

So i want the check box ($parentHRFCheckOnDeath) to act like a toggle, to turn this feature off an on.
I thought something like
if (event == "PLAYER_DEAD" and deadpc == idplayer and MyFormHRFChkOndeath:True) then
Might do it but I really not sure.

Can anyone assist here?
please and thank you.
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There are these functions you can use:
state = checkbox:GetChecked()
to handle the state of the checkbox.

You could use the OnClick script of the checkbox to update your saved variable, and just reference your saved variable within the code.
<OnClick>dead_SV.Enabled = MyFormHRFChkOndeath:GetChecked();</OnClick>
if(event == "PLAYER_DEAD" and deadpc == playerid and dead_SV.Enabled) then
elseif(event == "VARIABLES_LOADED") then
	if(dead_SV == nil) then dead_SV = {}; end
	if(dead_SV.Enabled == nil) then dead_SV.Enabled = true; end
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