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First want to say, that I love nUI and thanks so much for making this great addon. If someone else has asked this question, I apoligize, but I need to figure something out. Ran into a problem the other day during the Blood Queen encounter in ICC. As a dps it's vital in that fight to know who's been bitten and who hasn't. Is there a way to get the health bars of other raid members to change color or something when affected by a debuff or buff (not sure which this is considered)? I know there are are various raid frames addons that will do this, but I was hoping to avoid having to use yet another addon. If it's not possible to accomplish this in nUI, could someone recomend a good light weight addon to use instead? I don't need to heal or cleanse or anything, just be notifide that it's on someone. Thanks!
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There is a /nui feedback toggle that you can use. Think it has magic, disease, poison off the top of my head, options. Typing /nui feedback should give you the different options.

This will make the persons raid frame flash in the respective color.
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Don't believe that will work as the people who are bitten gain a debuff but I don't think it can be dispelled, that I know of at least. So your probably gonna have to use an outside add-on for that I am pretty sure there is one called blood queen that should do exactly what you want.

edit here it is I found it : http://www.wowinterface.com/download...loodQueen.html

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Thank you both for your suggestions. I believe the Blood Queen addon is the one our raid leader tried out and had problems with it always telling the dps, either ranged or melee, to bite the off-tank. I'll check with him and see. Hoping it's not cause it looks like a very handy addon for that fight!

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