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Looking for a way to add a Button to the Game Menu (for stAddonManager)


I am working on my Interface and I really like the stAddonManager (https://www.wowinterface.com/downloa...onManager.html) Addon because the Search function is awesome, the profiles and overall I just like it.

However I want to somehow make this to my Standart Addon Panel. Best thing would be I could press Escape, press the integrated Blizzard Addon button and the stAddonManager opens. Sadly I have no clue if this work and where do I have to look for it to make it work. I have experience with programming, but not Lua.

The other option would be to have an Extra Button in the Game Menu (When you press Escape) that is called "stAddonManager" and opens up the AddOn. I know this works because some AddOns do that and create a Button there, for example:

Is there an Addon that can do such things? If not what resources do I have to read to make something like this on my own.

I tried looking through MERATHILISUI folders and .lua files but there are so many and I don't even know what I am looking for.

I am thankful for any advice.


EDIT: Apperantly the AddOn does this by default, but it is a little bugged because the Button interfers with the "What's New Button" in the Game Menu. I did a fresh install and now I have a second Addon button and it opens up stAddonManager, just like I want to.
However, I still would like to know how to add a custom Button to the GameMenu but I guess I go into the lua section for that.

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