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07-30-11, 04:39 AM   #21
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Might be a slight necro, but I feel this can still be of use.

The chat frame tabs are set to anchor to the chat background when the UI scale changes (for example when switching in and out of windowed mode). Because of this, aside from moving the GeneralDockManager, you also need to hook FCF_SetTabPosition.

For example:

hooksecurefunc("FCF_SetTabPosition", function(chatFrame, x)
	local chatTab = _G[chatFrame:GetName().."Tab"];
	chatTab:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", chatFrame:GetName().."Background", "TOPLEFT", x+2, -179)
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07-31-11, 06:04 PM   #22
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I noticed this also, and was getting used to doing an extra reload . Thanks for the fix.
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12-31-11, 03:15 AM   #23
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so happy i found this thread! =) really deserves another necro!.
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12-31-11, 09:00 AM   #24
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Originally Posted by sylvanaar View Post
Try running this script:

/script GENERAL_CHAT_DOCK:ClearAllPoints() GENERAL_CHAT_DOCK:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", ChatFrame1, "BOTTOMLEFT", 0, -6) GENERAL_CHAT_DOCK:SetWidth(ChatFrame1:GetWidth())
Can I get a reset script?
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12-31-11, 11:15 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by Verttex View Post
Can I get a reset script?
Why do you need a reset script? The changes will not persist between sessions, so you can simply reload the UI if you aren't happy with the result.
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