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We have redevelopped the desktop manager. The refactoring was necessary to allow us to add new features. The desktop is a very important core feature of RDX and I am very happy to announce this new version.

What is a desktop ? Just to remind you or to explain this concept.

The desktop object is a central manager responsible of layout all RDX frames on your interface. The desktop manage positions, the scale and the alpha for each frame. The desktop will also dock frames together (sticky like). The desktop provide all move/drag functions. When you logged in the game, the desktop object : "desktop:YOURNAME_YOURREALM_Solo" is opened by default.

In RDX, frames are called windows.
The desktop will automatically open and close windows on your interface. You can select which windows you wish to add on your desktop. To see all available windows, click on the button window list of the main panel. Many Out of the box definition windows are available in the OOBE download section of WoWInterface.

Lock and unlock a desktop.
The button is available from the main panel RDX. When unlock, you can :
- Drag each window with the left button of your mouse.
- Open the window properties with the right button of your mouse. (define, scale, alpha, dock and many others options)
- The right button also provide the link editor to customize your window.
If you are entering combat, the desktop will lock itself automatically.

Lock and unlock key bindings desktop.
The button is also available from the main panel RDX. When unlock, you can change the key binding for action bar, pet bar, stance bar.

Switching desktop.
You can create many desktops objects.
One Desktop for SOLO
One Desktop for PVP
One Desktop for PVE
Switching desktop is the ability to completely change your interface. This action will close the current desktop and all the windows and then, open the new desktop with all the new set of windows. That mean this will change your whole interface with one click.
I created this video long time ago to show you switching desktop.

The video is also available download on filefront. (better video, 27 Mo)

Tips: Switching desktop do not require any ReloadUI. The framework RDX use a system of recycling object frame. See the upcoming doc RDX Profiler.

AutoSwitching Desktop Feature
When you enable this feature, your desktop will automatically switch depend of the situation where you are. Inn, Solo, group, raid, pvp and now arena.

Now I will introduce all new features with desktop V2.

The Desktop Editor.
In the first version, there was no editor, you were only opening windows and modifying properties of each window. Properties were automatically saved into the desktop object. The new desktop editor works like the unitframes and windows editor.

The Main Feature Desktop.
Resolution and scale : each desktop store the resolution id and the effective scale. In the future, I plan to draw an automatic resolution transformation, when you are sharing your desktop with yours friends.
Blizzard frames : In RDX 7.0, you were disabling Blizzard frames from the system menu. This modification was done for all desktops. Now you can define what you wish to keep here for each desktop.
- Hide unitFrames
- Hide AuraFrames
- Hide castbars
- Hide Minimap
- Hide MainFrame
- Level up Strata chat frame

OpenRDX Windows
Each Windows become a feature in the editor.
You will see all the properties for that window, positions, scale, alpha etc ...
You can open close windows from the window list button in the main panel. Adding a new window, will also add that feature here.

RegisterWindow feature
This is a feature for all the developers of addons. This help you to make RDX desktop managing the layouts of yours addons. A Register Function is available. It is really easy to use it.

ActionBinding feature
You can attach a set of ActionBindings to your desktop. That mean, when you switch between two desktops, this will also switch all your action bindings on your action bar.

Create a new Action binding set:

Use it in your desktop:

KeyBindings feature
Work like the actionBinding with your key bindings. If you have two computers, you just need to create two desktops.

Gear feature
Not available for now, but with 3.1 I will try to release it.

You understand, with one click with your mouse, you change your whole UI, your action bindings and your key bindings. (And soon the gear).

With Blizzard Dual Spec, you can only changed between two action bindings. With RDX, you can create infinite number of desktops.

With desktop v2, RDX enter the world of DUI, Dynamic User Interface.
I was so surprised when Blizzard release all the animations system with 3.1. We were starting to work on our own animation engine... (All the current move, and smooth animations with RDX 7.1 is doing with our own engine).
We will work on the integration of the new animation engine 3.1 into the new Desktop RDX.

How is it working ?
It is really similar to the RDX Bossmod Editor. You are defining two pairs Triggers and Actions in your desktop. When a trigger occured, the action is executed.

Available triggers features
Chat trigger: Occured when a message happen on your chatlog (boss emote, player emote)
RDXSet trigger : Define a condition base on the filterset system (you get aggro, you have this debuff, you are the main tank, your mana is low ...)
Specific trigger : In combat, In city (more triggers will be available).

Example of a trigger, heroism available and use:

Coming actions features
Not Available for now.
Use the new animation system of blizzard, move a window, rotate a window, set the scale, alpha.
My last test on the PTR with the animation system crash my Wow client erf.

Thank you very much and We hope you will enjoy.

OpenRDX Team
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