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I'm so lost...

Could you add a tutorial?

I figured out how to add a new project, called Test, and I even knew that I had to save it to the AddOns directory, and then I added an XML and Lua file to it... but now what? What goes into the XML file? Why can't I rename the files in the project? (says they don't exist yet, which is true...) Why doesn't my new project show up in the files section once I use the reload addons tool? How do I add a frame? How do I add text to that frame? What's the Toolbox pane for?
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From poking around, instead of 'Add New XML' when you right-click your mod on the left project pane, choose 'Add New Form' and it will bring up a form1.xml that's the visual editor. Some work to go still on the filenames, for instance can't rename files as you mentioned and creating multiple forms all get named form1.xml. But it's pretty cool to see the potential.

Once you're in a form, select items in the toolbox on the right and then draw their bounding rectangle on the form.

It also helps if you undock the properties page from the toolbox page so you're not flipping back and forth constantly.

From a bit of poking around and creating a frame of basic controls, the xml it generates is flooded with font tags. I wonder if the xml generated could be made a lot simpler by restricting it to a few standards to inherit? GameFontNormal, GameFontNormalSmall, ChatFontNormal, NumberFont are probably the four most common.
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I have to agree though, a tutorial is definitely going to be one of the biggest requests, at least to start. I know it's still exceptionally early in the project, so far as releasing it for mass consumption, but it is something folks are going to want. The tool won't be any good if folks can't figure out how to use it.

*is rather lost too*
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Thanks Gello, that helps alot. It would still be really nice to have a simple "Hello World" tutorial for creating a new addon with this tool.
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I will definately add a tutorial before general release.. I still have some stuff to flesh out before I started, hence the private alpha mainly to test compatabilty. I will sort out the rename a bit better first thing tomorrow.

Thanks for testing and hopefully we can bang this thing into shape.
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