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BuffBar Addon Request

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for an extremely cpu efficient low memory buff bar. My idea is heavily inspired by elkanobuffbars just without the bloat and way more cpu efficient.

I'd like 4 main buff bars. Player buffs, player debuffs, target buffs, target debuffs.

The player buffs frame is by far the most specific. I'm looking to have it be white listed for only certain spellID's that would be defined earlier in the addon. It would grow up, and empty to the left with the icon on the left. On top of this it would have a placement order based on groups. Groups would have their own color, e.g. things that grant haste (lust, trinket procs, etc) would all be one color and in their own group, something like slice and dice would be another color and in it's own group. These group would always be above another group (if any buffs are present in that category) and below another (if any buffs are present in that category.) Multiple buffs that are of the same group would be sorted downward by time remaining.

The player debuff frame would grow down, be colored by type of debuff, sorted upward by time remaining, empty to the left, and have the icon on the left.

The target buff frame would have all target buffs, colored all the same color, sorted downward by time remaining, empty to the right, and have the icon on the right.

The target debuff frame would have only debuffs applied by me, colored by type of debuff, sorted upward by time remaining, empty to the right, and have the icon on the right.

I know how to code most of the functions for this; I'm just unsure of how the framework would look, especially with the way I want the player buff frame.

I am familiar with editing lua. I can't say I can write something novel with ease, but I can read code and tell what's going on, so the minor details of colors, sizes, and placement should be of no concern as I will fix it how I want it anyway.

I know this request is very specific and I imagine around 500 lines of code. If anyone would like to pick this up, I think it'd be a great replacement for those who used a buffbar addon but want better cpu/mem management.
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