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no quest complete sounds....

when completing a quest or steps.

prior to today unchecking/checking the selection would play the sound. today nothing plays except for the carbonite quest complete and i don't use that one.
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No Quest Complete Sounds

It appears that most of the quest complete sounds are files in the game itself, which are either moved or deleted now, hence why they don't work anymore. The reason the Quest Complete sound works, is because it is an ogg file in the carbonite addon. I renamed my QuestComplete.ogg to a backup and copied in the quest complete audio that I wanted to play when I complete a quest and named it QuestComplete.ogg. Until such time that this gets resolved, I hope that this provides a simple workaround. Keep up the great work Rythal.
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Fix posted

Change the .wav to .ogg in the nxoptions.lua file in the carbonite folder. I have posted an issue on github to let the developers know also.
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Originally Posted by Svegan View Post
Change the .wav to .ogg in the nxoptions.lua file in the carbonite folder. I have posted an issue on github to let the developers know also.
I manually edited this file, and can confirm this fixes the problem. Thanks, Svegan!
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Yep, doing this definitely fixes the problem. Manually edit the "NxOptions.lua" file. The sounds you need should be on lines 4024 through 4031. Just change .wav to .ogg and you'll be good to go. You should use something like Notepad ++ to do it, but Windows Notepad works if you don't feel like downloading Notepad ++. Mac users know what to use.

Thanks much, Svegan.
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Fixed by Rythal in b251b24

P.S. If you want to fix it manually you need to make the change in: Carbonite\NxMap.lua, Carbonite\NxOptions.lua & Carbonite.Social\NxSocial.lua
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