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Horde vs Alliance, some quests not found

First let me say, Carbonite is what keeps me in WoW, great job...

And in that spirit, I have to share this. I play Alliance (have 7 level 90 toons) and seldom visit the dark side, but decided that I would level up a Orc DK. Easy enough, I have carbonite!

BUT! An alarming number of quests can't be found, and ones that do work the quest blobs tend to not be there, and generally Carbonite just seems "broken" on the horde side of things. I have been noticing this for the last couple of days (as I level the DK) but until now nothing I could write about. Well, I have a specific quest.

In Kun-Lai Summit, after you save Binan Village, you get a quest from the General to head you further into the zone. Quest is called Eastwind Rest and Carbonite never heard of it.

I know there are more, but this one was obvious, and I needed its guidance, and it wasn't there for me

So, basically, I have noticed that the "alliance side" of Carbonite is more complete than the "horde side" and perhaps that's the reason for some of the strange comments about "missing quests" we keep seeing in this forum.

Edit: Found a complete quest chain that is broken, from http://www.wowhead.com/quest=30797 to http://www.wowhead.com/quest=30935 the entire thing works fine on Alliance side, Horde, its like you have no help at all.

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Originally Posted by JimJoBlue View Post
This is happening because Carb now uses the Blizzard quest database api to populate it's quest watch.
Pre-85 quests are in Carb's own internal database. (which is why you see the different colour quest blobs on quests before level 85)

I get this issue as well, but I use a different addon for my questing needs (Zygor) so it does not impact me enough to worry about it.

I'm not entirely convinced it's a problem with Carb though.. As you have said, when you pick the quests up everything is fine and they show perfectly.

I've heard a /reload will load the quests that you have in that zone.

I'll leave it up to our resident guru Rythal to figure it out though. He seems to be able to fix everything! lol

Hopefully that explains what is happening
Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
Using blizzards quest information was just a stopgap until I have the chance to rewrite the quest code, it's unfortunately not perfect but it does work most the time which is why you never saw issue's.

Once the new alpha release is appearing to be bug free, the quest database rewrite is next on my list, tho i'm not looking forward to manually adding however many thousand quests came with MoP, laughs.

I wrote that in another section of the forum and I think it applies to this particular query as the quests you have mentioned are MOP quests.

I've included Rythal's reply too....

I hope this helps.

*edit Although I could be barking up the wrong tree as I don't have a hordie and neither does Rythal.
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